Sisterhood Day

Dear Potential New Member,

Seek peace and pursue it.”

Do you have direction or peace about what house you are leaning towards? How can you know where you are supposed to be? You may be feeling overwhelmed and thinking, “Where do I fit in? Who really wants me? “ Often we lose perspective and then become anxious and confused.

There’s probably a popular rumor floating around your dorm and in your recruitment group that there’s just one house for you and you have to find it. But don’t buy into it. No one house will fulfill all your hopes and dreams for college; no one house will give you the absolutely perfect best friend; no one house will complete you. Any of them have the potential to give you those things, but what’s really important is what you’re willing to put into Greek life.

You might be grieving some of your favorite houses or celebrating what houses you’re visiting tonight. Either way, remember to keep tonight and tomorrow in perspective: no house is perfect but there can be a perfect place for you in any of them. 


A Panhellenic Woman