Get to know the UPC Executive Council:

President: Evana Flores


Major: Advertising

Favorite Restaurant in Austin: Austin Java

Dream Job: Creative Director for Glossier

Celeb Crush: Timothée Chalamet 

Fun Fact: Champagne Papi plagiarized my photo from Freshman year ACL!

Favorite thing about UPC: Getting to work with strong and empowering women every week!

VP Recruitment: Elizabeth Gallatin


Major: Finance and Health & Society

Favorite Restaurant in Austin: Tiny Boxwoods

Dream Job: Supreme Court Justice / Chief of Staff for the 49th President of the U.S.A.

Celeb Crush: Chris Pratt

Fun Fact: If you want to see me talk for hours on end about one topic, ask me about the Enneagram!

Favorite Thing About UPC: Getting to witness something that is so much bigger than myself and seeing the good we can do when we all come together as the strong women we are!

VP Counseling: Chelsea Perry


Major: Corporate Communications and Applied Movement Science

Favorite Restaurant in Austin: Foodhead's

Dream Job: Head of P.R. for the U.S.A. Olympic Committee or Team

Celeb Crush: Tony Goldwyn

Fun Fact: I’m going to be sitting on stage with Joe Biden when he gives a speech about the #ItsOnUs campaign. 

Favorite Thing About UPC: I am constantly amazed by how courageous and capable the women in our community are! I love working with these makers and shakers every day. 

VP Administration: Gabi Siewczynski


Major: Advertising

Favorite Restaurant in Austin: Fresa's

Dream Job: Traveling Event Planner

Celeb Crush: Young Leonardo DiCaprio

Fun Fact: If I had no commitments and could do anything in the world I'd travel the world collecting jewelry.

Favorite Thing About UPC: I love being a part of UPC because of how dedicated the woman who make up Panhellenic are to empowering women.

VP Communication: Sloane Silverman 


Major: Government

Favorite Restaurant in Austin: Magnolia Cafe

Dream Job: Politician advocating for women's rights / movie producer 

Celeb Crush: Antoni Porowski

Fun Fact: I've been sky diving three times and bungee jumping once.

Favorite Thing About UPC: I like that UPC allows me to help impact the Greek community in a positive way while also being able to empower women. 

VP Finance: Jaime Nguyen 


Major: Accounting

Favorite Restaurant in Austin: Mother's Cafe

Dream Job: Owning my own business.

Celeb Crush: Harry Potter

Fun Fact: I want to live to be at least 104 so that I can live in three centuries.

Favorite Thing About UPC: I love how committed everyone is to UPC women and the platform we have to make change is really profound and it makes me excited to be a part of it and see what we can accomplish!

VP Philanthropy: Kate Thomas


Major: Design

Favorite Restaurant in Austin: Hula Hut 

Dream Job: Long-term Missions 

Celeb Crush: Chase Crawford

Fun Fact: My spirit animal is a baby giraffe.

Favorite Thing About UPC: I love getting to raise awareness about the bigger picture and getting to be a part of providing opportunities for women at this university to help empower women around the globe. 

VP Standards: Ariana Sonsino


Major: Theatre and Dance

Favorite Restaurant in Austin: Titaya’s 

Dream Job: Costume designer for a broadway show.

Celeb Crush: Zac Efron

Fun Fact: I am proficient in both salsa dancing, and salsa eating.

Favorite Thing About UPC: I love being a part of something larger than myself and getting to make a difference in the greater community! 

President Elect: Mary Brinsko


Major: History

Favorite Restaurant in Austin: Holy Macaroni 

Dream Job: Middle school social studies teacher at a magnet program. 

Celeb Crush: Jordan Spieth

Fun Fact: My college admissions essays were about wanting to be a homemaker and guest host on Drunk History. 

Favorite Thing About UPC: I love building friendships with women from so many different chapters!

VP Recruitment Elect: Sophie Montemayor


Major: Mechanical Engineering

Favorite Restaurant in Austin: Matt's El Rancho

Dream Job: Astronaut

Celeb Crush: Cody Bellinger 

Fun Fact: Once, I almost fell into the tank at SeaWorld.

Favorite Thing About UPC: I love being influenced and inspired by strong women who desire change and betterment of their community!

VP Counseling Elect: Blair Nagel


Major: Sustainability Studies 

Favorite Restaurant in Austin: Fresa's

Dream Job: Photographer for National Geographic

Celeb Crush: Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard as a couple, I am giddy for them!

Fun Fact: I'm afraid of ostriches and I'm good at wrapping gifts.

Favorite Thing About UPC: I’m pumped for the opportunity to join a group of driven, empowered women who are making beneficial changes in the UT and Greek communities.