Get to know the UPC Executive Council:

President: Mary Brinsko


Major: History

Favorite Thing to do in Austin: I love having dinner at my sister’s apartment on SoCo. She always cooks for us on Sundays, and it’s nice catching up

Fun Fact: I am the last person on UPC Exec to fill out this bio (I need hard deadlines, Haley)

Goals for UPC This Year: I have so many. But personally, I want to grow our relationships with other Greek Councils (NPHC, TAPC, MGC, LPHC, IFC, and the Affiliate Circle) because we are never in Greek life alone. What we do impacts the others, and I love feeling the support of the whole community

Dream Job in Elementary School: I wanted to be a teacher! (And I’m living out that dream in the UTeach program!)

VP Recruitment: Sophie Montemayor


Major: Mechanical Engineering

Favorite Thing to do in Austin: Try new foods!

Fun Fact: I always eat the green stem on a strawberry

Goals for UPC This Year: This year, I hope UPC is able to promote the kind of empowerment that we feel on the executive board. We have such amazing women in our community, and I hope we can mobilize them for greater purposes in this coming year!

Dream Job in Elementary School: Astronaut

VP Counseling: Blair Nagel


Major: Double Major in Human Dimensions of Organization and Sustainability

Favorite Thing to do in Austin: Walk, run, or kayak Lady Bird Lake

Fun Fact: I’ve walked on a glacier, hiked at 17,500 feet, and tripped and fallen on Nueces

Goals for UPC This Year: This year I want to lead the Recruitment Guide program with humility: encouraging Panhellenic women to embrace their stories, solve problems with innovation, challenge the status quo, and confidently pursue their goals

Dream Job in Elementary School: President

VP Diversity and Inclusion: Anagha Kikkeri


Major: Government

Favorite Thing to do in Austin: Go to the Greenbelt

Fun Fact: I finessed my way into a private dinner with Joe Biden once ;)

Goals for UPC This Year: My goal for UPC is to lay the groundwork for helping sororities in the Panhellenic sphere become far more inclusive, and increase the scope of diversity in which our community reaches. I am excited to get started on this, and I hope to contribute to making the Panhellenic community a welcoming one to all, where every girl feels welcome and at home

Dream Job in Elementary School: President!

VP Administration: Haley Plenger


Major: Marketing

Favorite Thing to do in Austin: Play around outside until I get tired and then refuel with a spearmint snow cone from Casey's and a dip in Barton Springs. And maybe add a trampoline bounce somewhere in there

Fun Fact: The T-rex's closest living relative is the chicken

Goals for UPC This Year: I'm excited to find a guest speaker that makes a lasting impacts on our campus

Dream Job in Elementary School: I wanted to be an elementary school art teacher. Some days, I still do

VP Communication: Declan Donovan 


Major: Corporate Communication

Favorite Thing to do in Austin: Walk Town Lake and try new restaurants downtown

Fun Fact: I’ve never been able to hula hoop

Goals for UPC This Year: This year I really hope to further contribute to the progresses being made on campus! Spreading awareness about events and promoting the amazing Panhellenic women on campus will help get everyone involved in the philanthropic opportunities we have here that benefit groups beyond just our local communities

Dream Job in Elementary School: Professional athlete or veterinarian

VP Finance: Jessie Sureck


Major: MPA

Favorite Thing to do in Austin: Try new restaurants

Fun Fact: I've broken 5 bones

Goals for UPC This Year: To make the scholarships more well-known and get to know more people from other chapters

Dream Job in Elementary School: Teacher

VP Philanthropy: Robin Brown


Major: Psychology B.S.

Favorite Thing to do in Austin: Eat

Fun Fact: I danced on stage with Bruce Springsteen in 7th grade

Goals for UPC This Year: Spread awareness and fundraise for Circle of Sisterhood!

Dream Job in Elementary School: I wanted to replace Al Roker on the the Today Show

VP Standards: Bryn Brockman


Major: Public Relations

Favorite Thing to do in Austin: Try out new restaurants!

Fun Fact: Post Malone went to my high school

Goals for UPC This Year: I hope I can help foster unity among the Panhellenic chapters and show the women in our community that there are so many great opportunities to take advantage of in our time as collegians!

Dream Job in Elementary School: Lawyer

President Elect: Lindsey Hoyer


Major: Business

Favorite Thing to do in Austin: Eating at all the fun restaurants!

Fun Fact: I lived in Germany and traveled around Europe for a year when I was seven

Goals for UPC This Year: My goals for UPC this year are to come closer as a community and to create stronger ties between all of our chapters and councils in the whole Greek community at UT. I want to help build an inclusive community that supports diversity and values unity

Dream Job in Elementary School: Business Woman or Professor (I was extremely practical as a child)

VP Recruitment Elect: Catherine Holley


Major: Health & Society/Plan II/European Studies

Favorite Thing to do in Austin: Corepower yoga

Fun Fact: I am a huge proponent of emojis

Goals for UPC This Year: I would like to see UPC work alongside chapters to make inclusion a priority amongst the Greek community

Fun Fact: Once, I almost fell into the tank at SeaWorld

Dream Job in Elementary School: To be a journalist like Sabrina the Teenage Witch

VP Counseling Elect: Carlyn Crow


Major: Plan II, BHP, Marketing 

Favorite Thing to do in Austin: Run the Zilker hike and bike trail along the lake and use petting beautiful doggos as an excuse to take a break from my run when I’m exhausted

Fun Fact: I am a 4th generation Longhorn

Goals for UPC This Year: Partner with the CMHC to add an extra body positivity//confidence building portion to the Rho Gam training to help lift up the PNM’s during recruitment week!

Dream Job in Elementary School: Fashion Designer