Get to know the UPC Executive Council!

President: Sarah


Major: BHP & MPA

Favorite Restaurant in Austin: Chuy's

Dream Job: Own a family-run Italian restaurant

Celeb Crush: Chris Pine

A random fact about yourself: I have a phobia of cotton balls

VP Administration: Kasey

Major: Public Relations

Favorite Restaurant in Austin:Uchiko

Dream Job: CMO of a big makeup brand

Celeb Crush: Robert Downy Jr.

A random fact about yourself: The only pet I've owned is an aquatic African Dwarf frog!

VP Finance: Emily


Major: Psychology

Favorite Restaurant in Austin: Sushi Niichi

Dream Job:Adolescent Psychologist

Celeb Crush: Scott Foley

A random fact about yourself: I was born on Leap Day and I am a proud order of a pet snake (follow @lucas.the.snake on Insta)

VP Standards: Lacy


Major: Civil Engineering

Favorite Restaurant in Austin: Elizabeth Street Cafe

Dream Job: Work for a Non Profit engineering firm

Celeb Crush: Bradley Cooper

A random fact about yourself: I raised 3 abandoned ducklings that I found in my backyard.

VP Recruitment: Sydney


Major: Rhetoric & Writing

Favorite Restaurant in Austin: Matt's El Rancho

Dream Job: Book Publisher

Celeb Crush: Tom Hardy

A random fact about yourself: I really hate all kinds of sandwiches

VP Counseling: Rachel


Major: Corporate Communications

Favorite Restaurant in Austin: Bufalina

Dream Job: Chief of Staff for the President

Celeb Crush: Will Ferrell

A random fact about yourself: I've seen The Office a full eight times

VP Communications: Meredith

Major: English & Economics LAH

Favorite Restaurant in Austin: Cafe No Sé

Dream Job: Become the next Nina Garcia

Celeb Crush: Chuck Bass 

A random fact about yourself: I once had a picnic on top of a glacier in Alaska

VP Philanthropy: Kendall

Major: Accounting

Favorite Restaurant in Austin: Walton's Fancy and Staple 

Dream Job: Founder of a nonprofit organization

Celeb Crush: Milo Ventimiglia

A random fact about yourself: HGTV is my favorite TV channel

President Elect: Evana

Major: Undeclared (but hopefully advertising *fingers crossed) 

Favorite Restaurant in Austin: Cabo Bob's

Dream Job: A creative for Glossier! Or something like Ellen Degeneres where I just give people money and make them happy

Celeb Crush: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

A random fact about yourself: One time Drake stole my insta photo!!

VP Recruitment Elect: Elizabeth

Major: Marketing / Health & Society

Favorite Restaurant in Austin: Moonshine

Dream Job: Writing public health policy

Celeb Crush: Jason Segel

A random fact about yourself: I've had gray hair since 5th grade and I have to part my hair a special way so it doesn't show

VP Counseling Elect: Chelsea


Major: Exercise Science

Favorite Restaurant in Austin: Foodhead's

Dream Job: Working for the International Olympic Committee

Celeb Crush: Milo Ventimiglia

A random fact about yourself: I was the third person in my family to win the most school spirit senior superlative